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Preparing for exams

on Tue, 11/15/2016 - 11:24
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Below is some advice from different students with ideas on how to prepare for exams

As well as studying over lecture notes and slides, external reading can help. Sometimes reading other sources of a subject can help give clarity. It offers more detail and information on a topic or subject, giving wider knowledge of the subject. This will also help to broaden your understanding for the topic. Selecting information from readings, such as keywords, phrases can help gain more points in a type question. Keeping a list of general texts of a subject, can be useful for future references and readings in exams and assessments. 

I find that it I can study better if I changed locations every once in a while. So plan your timetable with different locations. Go to the reading room or library instead of studying in your room.

If you haven't completed all your assignments, complete them while you have the time.

Do study groups and ask people in your class to attend. It's much easier to study as a group then on your own.

And most importantly: Make sure to relax, breath and have your own space without study once you've done a hard day at college. Your brain needs time to relax too. 

Your exam timetable and a video on all you need to know about sitting exams here in NUIG can be found here.