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Planning your Summer’ by Solenn and mentors

on Tue, 03/14/2017 - 16:30
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When the second semester ends, many students find themselves with nothing to do. It’s during this time of year when we need to plan out the coming Summer months, so that way we’re not left sitting at home for 4 months!

Here’s some suggestions from your mentors that will hopefully spark your interests and get those plans in action!

“So for a student diving head first into Summer there are many options: You can always get a part time job, either at home, wherever that may be, or here in Galway. Sites like are great for helping find any opportunities. Working in Summer camps is always fun, which you can either do at home or abroad, especially if you have another language. Most camps pay a decent wage as well as supplying your food and accommodation for the summer, so you'd be sorted!” – Kate Wylie

“Work doesn't always have to be paid work.  I advise first year students to look at volunteering as a great opportunity to hone and learn new skills. 

When applying for jobs, please remember to list some of the skills  that you have gained while in college, science students usually don't state their laboratory skills which include pipetting, dissecting, fire and safety, aseptic techniques  among many others. These particular are very important.” – Bongani Nkosi


“An array of options are open to you as a first year student however the most common option pursued by the majority is that of a summer job-some of you may never have worked before, I can tell you now, your first job is always the most difficult to find-keep sending out CVs, and eventually some company somewhere will eventually hire you. It took me 7 months and probably about 60 CVs until I found my first  summer job. The company was desperate and so was I, the work was tough and grueling but it gave me the stepping stone to apply for another job the following summer, a task which only took me one CV to achieve.” – Fionnuala Reynolds


“Research projects: many students are not aware that lecturers are often looking for students to aid them in their research projects. This is not only a handy way to make money but also further your knowledge in your area of your degree.” – Emily Brennan

“J1 is a fascinating opportunity to explore life working in the USA for the duration of the summer.  If you apply, you can get the chance to see the cultural aspects of a different country and gain a new perspective of the world as a whole. Furthermore, you will also be able to explore without working for another month after you've completed working, which will allow you to venture and experience the country on a more personal level.” – Shane Grant

“The long summer break is also the perfect time to try out the J1 experience. If you are considering the J1, why not try some of the lesser talked about parts of the US, you never know what you might find off the beaten track!” – Lucy Mee

“Some people like to work and save money over the summer, some like to chill and forget everything they spent the last semester learning, and some plan last minute flights to hot countries - whichever type of person you are, now is your opportunity to make this summer completely unforgettable! Enquire around the college about applying for a J1, or keep an eye out for posters advertising work abroad or closer to home so you can have an adventure AND earn some dosh. I hope you all have a fantastic few months, you'll come back in September refreshed and amazed at how young the new influx of first years look!!” – Deirdre O’Connor

“If you are yearning for a bit of adventure this summer, consider doing voluntary work or going abroad to volunteer. Take a look at the ALIVE website and check out some of the amazing projects that they can recommend to you. As well as this, the societies, Draíocht and VSA, encourage and organise volunteering experiences in which you can partake. Volunteering is ideal for acquiring a myriad of skills, experience and of course, fun.” – Amy Gill


“Don't wait to start finding a summer job- start getting your CV out to places! If you aren't sure how to go about finding a job the careers office is a good place to start. Everyone has a Careers Connect account which you can use to make an appointment. You simply log in using your student ID and password that you use for blackboard, email , CASS etc. You can book a special CV review appointment which lasts about 15 minutes. Bring in your completed CV or a draft and a staff member can sit down with you to go through it. If you aren't sure how to write a CV the careers office has a really useful free guide you can pick up in the office. They also have  a guide for doing well on interviews. Keep your eyes peeled for job opportunities- if you google 'part time jobs in Galway' loads of different options come up. Check websites like and even the classified adds in the back of the newspaper might have something. 

Don't lose hope when it comes to finding a job,keep trying and you will get there eventually. Good Luck!” – Tara Diviney


“The semesters are for academic progress but summer is for personal progress. Don't just sit and do nothing, wasting away the sunny days. Get a job, learn the mandolin, travel somewhere new and most importantly, never sit down.” – Cliona Donnelly


“Summer is a time for a well-deserved rest after a busy year at college – but this time should be used wisely. Whether you are planning on travelling, continuing a job you already have, or are looking for a job for the summer, preparation and research is key! Start off by doing a quick brainstorm of what you’d like to get out of the summer before heading back to college in September. From there you can research things in more detail and ultimately have a plan you can stick to over Summer. Put yourself out there, be confident, explore, and have fun!” – Sinead McGlinchy