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Keeping up with College Work

on Fri, 10/02/2015 - 23:28
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Hey Guys!

I hope you have all settled in well to first year by now and are not getting too piled up with essays and assaignments.

Now that it is coming to the time of year when this pile up can be really stressful, never fear! I, along with a group of mentors, have heard your problems and are here to provide you with the necessary tips and pointers on how to keep up with college work! It is of vital importance that you do not stress about exams (yet) because it is ok if you start a constant flow of study now, not tiring yourself out too much but just doing a little bit everyday to keep you up-to-date and ready when the exam season comes around YAY!

Here are some top tips from experience:

Get involved in a club/society! Although your probably wondering what this has to do with college work, it really helps your mental health by having something fun in your routine that you can reward yourself for after some study. It's so hard to actually have a balanced life in college so at least knowing your priorities on a daily basis will help with the initial start of motivation. Asking your lectures for help is really ok! They won't bite and are always there to help, plus it's no harm getting to know your lecturer! Leaving assaignments until the last minute is a bad idea, although you may be able to hand one in, you more than likely will not receive the best grade you could have #shame. 

Doing the reading for each class and tutorial is key for keeping on top of things. If the reading isn't done then you will spend hours and hours you don't have researching facts and figures for your assignments. Go to the library, get the books or download the relevant articles and just read a bit every day, five pages a day is better than fifty pages in an hour, or none at all!!! Set realistic and attainable goals. Remember, challenging yourself leads to great motivational boosts so try to use your free time wisely!

The use of the academic diary is a helpful tool to keep up with college work. Keep it with you in lectures to make notes of homework, readings and deadlines, then review it everyday after classes to rejog your memory on the topics covered. Also it will give you a clear idea of what work you need to have done for the following day, helping you to keep up with what is asked of you academically.

So that's all I've got for now folks! I hope this is somewhat helpful and you all at least try your best to stick to what you are really here for!!

Good luck!!