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Exams, Results and Repeats

on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 20:48
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Hey Guys,

It’s that time of year again where the exams have crept up and the library is packed with students guzzling coffee in a bid to make it to the summer holidays, myself included! :)

For you first years this is your second set of college exams so most of you will know the story from Christmas but here are just a few reminders and tips for the exam season ahead.

If you haven’t got your exam timetable they are available now at the link below.

Remember the past exam papers are available online at this link:

They are such a great tool for studying something I didn’t know in first year but honestly you get to see the style of questions that get asked by different lecturers and also test the areas you have already studied.

Secondly try not to stay up all night during study week and before exams, speaking from experience I can safely say it doesn’t work as well as just getting a decent night’s sleep and going into the exam alert.

The college has so many study aids around campus like SUMS for academic purposes and wellbeing ones including yoga and sessions in the Kingfisher to counteract all that caffeine! :P  If none of these take your fancy the joy of summer means long evenings so maybe a simple walk might do the trick.

Extra study space will be made available next week once the lectures and tutorials finish so be sure and keep an eye out for those emails.

Buses to Salthill Exam Centres run at a cost of two euro a trip and leave over by Wards and usually leave around 50 minutes before the exam is due to start but an email confirming this will be sent nearer the time.

Official exam results are usually released in June.  You will be notified of this by email and a specific percentage grade will be given for each subject. It will state whether it was an overall pass/fail. Remember some subjects allow you to compensate an exam you may have failed if you do well in the others and are close enough to a pass in the failed subject. You only need to repeat the subject if its states “Fail”, “incomplete” or “deferred” so keep an eye on the overall statement with the grade.

On a side note to these exams, if you don’t pass them all do not panic. The University offers repeat examinations in August and while studying during your summer holidays may not be the ideal situation it also means you have the opportunity to pass them and move onto the next year with your friends. Just so you know the repeat examinations have a fee of 200 euro and the papers follow the same format as the end of semester exams for the given subject usually. Remember that everyone has bad exams; they are not the end of the world. Tip away with a little bit of study before the repeats and you’ll be fine! J

That’s about it guys. If you have any questions remember the mentors will still answer emails and texts or comment on the blog below and someone will get back to you!

Remember to sleep, eat well and schedule some downtime over the next few weeks of study and exams, it will be summer before we know it. 

Good luck and happy studying.