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by Eileen Shannon Contact
Topic: Other
Views: 42
Hey everyone!It’s hard to believe semester one is almost over and the exam season has already started! Hope you have all figured out your exam timetables and that exams are going well for everyone!Exams can be a stressful time but remember that they’ll be over shortly, and you can enjoy the Christmas preparation after that! If you feel that everything is getting on top of you, don’t hesitate to talk to someone – be it your friend, mentor, student services. There is some really helpful advice on previous blogs too!Hopefully everyone has enjoyed semester one; keep tuned in with your Whatsapp groups as we have some great events coming up in semester 2!Best of luck with all the upcoming exams!Happy Christmas!Lauren & Eileen read more
by tim Contact
Topic: Exam Stress
Tags: exams
Views: 123
Below is some advice from different students with ideas on how to prepare for examsAs well as studying over lecture notes and slides, external reading can help. Sometimes reading other sources of a subject can help give clarity. It offers more detail and information on a topic or subject, giving wider knowledge of the subject. This will also help to broaden your understanding for the topic. Selecting information from readings, such as keywords, phrases can help gain more points in a type question. Keeping a list of general texts of a subject, can be useful for future references and readings in exams and assessments. I find that it I can study better if I changed locations every once in a while. So plan your timetable with different locations. Go to the reading room or library instead of studying in your room.If you haven't completed all your assignments, complete them while you have the time.Do study groups and ask people in your class to attend. It's much easier to study... read more
by laoiselane
Topic: College life
Tags: exams
Views: 104
Hey everybody :) Hope you all have checked your exam timetables and know where the venues are by now. Just a few extra pieces of information for you leading up to exams. As you may see or have heard, the library and reading room get extremely busy during exam time so here are a few extra places where you can study :Sunday29th-Sunday 6th December (8am-10pm) Arts Concourse: O'Flaherty, Anderson Theatre, D'Arcy Thompson Theare, Kirwin Theatre, Larmor Theatre, AC201, AC202 and AC204Engineering Building : ENG-GO17 Lecture Theatre 02, ENG-GO18 Lecture Theatre 01 EXAM BUSES: €2 per journeyThere are buses available from University Road (leaving 8.40am, 15.40pm) to and from Leisureland & Galway Bay Hotel. I know this is your first set of college exams, but don't stress, at the end of the day it's just an exam !Christmas is coming so just power through the study, keep the head down and you can enjoy your month off college :DBest of luck and... read more
by R.Elliott
Topic: Exam Stress
Tags: Study, exams, tips
Views: 157
Hey Guys,So finals are coming up soon, sounds scary and stressful right? Well the mentors have come up with some advice and a few tips on how to prepare for the exams, it really isn’t as bad as you think!Start studying as early as possible. Tempting as it is to leave it until study week, you don't want to be left cramping a semester's worth of information into a few days.10 minutes off! Every 50 minutes of studying, get a 10 minute break and spend it doing something even if it’s just a walk or looking out the window. You’ll feel much better and ready to go back at the books.Studying for me is reading through all of the lecture slides with your notes alongside, reading through your core readings, and taking note of all the similarities and key points that your lecturer has emphasized.Getting a good night’s sleep the night before your exam and a good breakfast on the day of the exam is essential, and always remember to relax, the system is set up to... read more
by jeanlucpicard
Topic: Exam Stress
Tags: exams
Views: 52
Hey everybody,Exams are stress, pure hot, nasty stress! But it may not be so. This is for students who, shall we say, have not been regulars in college during semester 1 and especially if you have a lot of catching up to do. I say empatically, start now. If you have not been going into lectures, start now, i cannot STRESS how much exam info and hint-hints are given in these final weeks of lectures. Its never too late to start studing for modules, trust me, even if you have been taking it easy the last few weeks...or months. Not easy starting, but try to read at least a quarter of lecture notes and/or books per week (you have 4 weeks left), make sure you have at least a grasp on the subject after two, three weeks. Give yourself a shedule of what you are going to study and how much of it you are going to study, ie. Book of Irish History/Monday/pages 1-150 /9am - 12pm, something along the lines of that. Section off each subject, once you wittle it down to sectors, it... read more
by rachelmangan
Topic: Exam Stress
Views: 34
It seems like only a handful of weeks since college started and you've just realised that exams are in about four weeks - cue panic! But you're not alone. No matter how confident someone claims to be about the impending exams, everyone is going to be at least a small bit stressed about them. This is my third time facing Christmas exams in college and my third time (not including summer exam-time) procrastinating until the last minute when I realise that time really is running out, so I'm somewhat of an expert in the area of procrastination.My advice is to not worry about the time you've already spent procrastinating, as there's nothing that can be done to reverse time and do things differently. The best thing you can do is utilise your remaining time as productively as possible, all the while staying calm and tackling the workload at a relatively relaxed pace - don't take your foot off the pedal but taking your time to actually learn a small... read more
by Martin Eluvathingal
Topic: Exam Stress
Tags: Stress, exams, help
Views: 47
As we near this time of the year, most of us face one certain problem, Exam Stress. This is very normall. So I would like to help out by pointing out a few things that made me more comfortable facing the exams.1) Have a study plan-Start planning a revision timetable now. This should include realistic goals and also short breaks. I found it useful to get some fresh air after an hour of studying. 2)Organise a Group study-I found this to be very helpful as studying with your friends is always fun(as long as you don't mess around!)3)Health-Get plenty of sleep and eat healthy.You should fuel your body with healthy food to optimise your performance.4)Use online resources-For all those engineering students out there,Khan Academy is a huge help.5)Do Exam Papers-This is very important and you will not regret doing this.Here are some more tips on Exam Stress: you do feel stressed, talk to someone about it.Your parents or... read more