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by Eileen Shannon Contact
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Let’s Go Shopping!  There are so many places to go shopping in Galway. From the big shopping centers, the larger chain stores and the small boutiques there are plenty places to find just what you’re looking for. Let’s go Eat! Galway has some of the best restaurants around. Check out some of these restaurants who do an early bird so you can eat like a king on a student’s dime. The Eastern Tandoor in Spanish Arch (Indian)Il Folletto on Quay Street (Italian)Cactus Jacks on Druid Lane (Mexican)McSwiggins on the WoodQuay (Irish)Royal Villa in Salthill (Chinese)Cava on Dominick Street (Spanish Tapas) Let’s go see the Culture! Galway has recently been named the European Capital of Culture for 2020. We have the museum, art galleries, the Cathedral and numerous bus tours for you to experience the Culture filled Galway. Let’s go to the Market! Every weekend the Galway City market pops up on Market Street at the bottom... read more
by Ready_becc
Topic: College life
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Hey there first years!Hope you are all settling into college life without any problems and that everything is going really well for you all!Moving away from home for the first time is an incredibly scary thought for most people. When the time to leave home comes around, some people find that they can adapt to a new place easily enough with very little problems. But there are always some who find the process of living away from home for the first time, to a place where they may not know anyone at all, very troubling. The aim of this blog is to hopefully help any of you who are still finding it difficult to be away from home and to remind you that everybody works through things at their own pace! There is nothing wrong with missing Mammy and Daddy and the good old proper Sunday Dinner!Living away from home can be quite a daunting prospect. You are filled with so many different emotions from excitement to starting  new course and meeting new people to nervousness... read more