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by Barry_Kelly
Topic: Exam Stress
Views: 62
Firstly, well done on getting through your 1st of what shall be hopefully many, seismesters here at NUIG. However this sense of achievement is probly being drowned out by the sense of "Oh dear god, these exams." However all is not lost, like the Leaving Cert, these exams seems unachieveable and vastly scarey, when in fact they are not.I thought I'd give you a few hints and tips that helped me last year. 1) Check your Continuous Assestment grade, this can be extremely calming realising that you've got a fair chunk of the marks already in the bag, suddenly the exam isn't so daunting!2)Set up a study timetable, I myself, lost countless hours from waffling about without any aim or direction. 3) Check your exam timetable, get to know where each exam will be, plan your journey well in advance, saves you both stress and peace of mind on the morning of an exam. Especailly if you are blessed with a 9:30 start in Salthill!4) Look over past papers, lecturers... read more
by gallen31
Topic: Exam Stress
Views: 17
Time is getting closer, the pressure is building up . . . . . exams! The dreaded word that gives everyone the shivers. But it's ok to be stressed, infact it's perfectly normal. But how you deal with the stress is important.Talking is essential, let someone know you're a bit stressed out. If you want to talk to a professional, college has the services, there is counselling and the chaplancy. They are both free and confidential.Do eat well and drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep. You will feel so much better.Don't get overwhelmed, write a list each day of what you want to get done but make the goals achievable. This works well for so many people and helps them to get more done in their day and reduces the stress.And most importantly, you have still got time. Four weeks. Don't waste them, start now! read more
by davidokeeffe93
Views: 80
Student Services in NUI Galway This blog is aimed to make you aware of all the services available within the University to aid and assist you in any means you require. The Wellness Centre The Wellness centre is in the back of the Hub in Áras na Mac Léinn. It is a place where you can drop in and browse the large stock of informational leaflets and books dealing with a wide range of health and wellbeing topics, or chat to the wellness volunteers about services and resources available on campus or in the community. The Wellness centre has a relaxation room that can be booked for personal use, to take a break or for health reasons. The only rules are that no studying is allowed and mobile phones must be switched off. The Health Promotion Service also runs programmes throughout the year including the Mind, Body... read more
by Student Connect Contact
Topic: Exam Stress
Tags: Exam Stress
Views: 48
The Chaplaincy will be holding a pre-exam Mass each exam day at 8am followed by a take-away "Breakfast-in-a-bag". Exam support personnel will be available at each exam venue to offer help, support, advice and practical assistance to students before, during and after exams.Exam de-stress tips!Sleep Well: Get 6 to 8 hours, at least on most nights, and you will be able to concentrate better, recall in-formation, and keep up your energy levelsEat Well: Don't skip meals, especially breakfast. Eat 5 or 6 smaller meals instead of 3 bigger ones. Pack a piece of fruit, a handful of nuts, or some cheese and crackers as a healthy snack.Drink Water: Staying hydrated helps to keep you alert. Avoid too many energy drinks or other caffeine-laced beverages, as caffeine impairs your study ability.Take Rest Breaks: Taking rest breaks during times of high mental stress enhances your energy levels and your ability to concentrate and retain vital information. Get up, stretch your body, walk... read more