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by Kimberley Harris Contact
Topic: Other
Views: 111
Making friends in a new environement such as college is an obstacle each and everyone of us has to face at some stage. Whether you come to college with your friends, or peers from your secondary school you aren't always guaranteed that you will be with eachother in classes and labs! That is when you realise you need to actually 'speak to someone who is not that person youv'e been with since primary school' (Sighs). The transition between secondary school and third level can be quite daunting. Suddenly, seeing your friends every day at lunch, and knowing exactly where you fit in, seem like distant memories. If you feel like the past few weeks have been a muddled mix of “oh God, who do I sit beside today?” and “is it weird if I sit by myself in the Bialann?”- don’t fret, because you’re not alone! Everyone else in your class is in the same position as you! This blog contains a number of points that you can read through and take note of... read more
by laurengalvin73 Contact
Topic: College life
Views: 44
Hey Guys!I hope you have all settled in well to first year by now and are not getting too piled up with essays and assaignments.Now that it is coming to the time of year when this pile up can be really stressful, never fear! I, along with a group of mentors, have heard your problems and are here to provide you with the necessary tips and pointers on how to keep up with college work! It is of vital importance that you do not stress about exams (yet) because it is ok if you start a constant flow of study now, not tiring yourself out too much but just doing a little bit everyday to keep you up-to-date and ready when the exam season comes around YAY!Here are some top tips from experience:Get involved in a club/society! Although your probably wondering what this has to do with college work, it really helps your mental health by having something fun in your routine that you can reward yourself for after some study. It's so hard to actually have a balanced life in... read more
by ciaratreacy93
Topic: Academic life
Views: 13
Hi everyone,Hope First Years and Mentors alike are settling in well to the new semester and have recovered from the post-Christmas food coma! Although we're in a new semester, it's important to ensure the Mentoring programme is not forgotten. Mentors are still there should First Years have queries or concerns, or simply need someone to meet for a chat. We are in the process of compiling feedback which was received from both groups over the past few months about the programme, and will be communicating with you all over the course of the next few weeks. In the meantime, if there are any issues be sure to get in touch! read more