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by Kimberley Harris Contact
Topic: College life
Views: 61
If you didn't get a chance or just spent the whole of your first semester getting settled in with living away from home for the first time, it is not too late to sign up to a club or society you have an interest in! :)  "It’s never too late to get involved in college. If you find yourself thinking “oh God, shouldn’t I have made close friends by now?”, or, “why don’t I have something to do on Friday nights?”- don’t despair, you’re not alone! Everyone finds it hard to step into an unknown environment. Maybe you didn’t have much of an interest in sport at school, or you never had the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Well, here’s your chance to start ticking those things off of your list! College is your time to test out a sport you’ve seen on television, but never had the nerve to try. Join a society because you think you might have something to add. Volunteer because you loved the... read more
by Kimberley Harris Contact
Topic: Other
Views: 111
Making friends in a new environement such as college is an obstacle each and everyone of us has to face at some stage. Whether you come to college with your friends, or peers from your secondary school you aren't always guaranteed that you will be with eachother in classes and labs! That is when you realise you need to actually 'speak to someone who is not that person youv'e been with since primary school' (Sighs). The transition between secondary school and third level can be quite daunting. Suddenly, seeing your friends every day at lunch, and knowing exactly where you fit in, seem like distant memories. If you feel like the past few weeks have been a muddled mix of “oh God, who do I sit beside today?” and “is it weird if I sit by myself in the Bialann?”- don’t fret, because you’re not alone! Everyone else in your class is in the same position as you! This blog contains a number of points that you can read through and take note of... read more
by Student Connect Contact
Topic: Other
Tags: Clubs, Societies
Views: 346
Clubs and societies can be a great forum to meet new people with shared interests, and provide an escape from academic responsibilities.With over 110 student-led societies, all tastes and interest groups are catered for on campus. The 988 committee members across all these societies organised over 3000 events last year. These social, educational and cultural events all added to the vibrancy of the campus.NUIG membership consisted of 9858 registered individual student members in 2013Students join an average of 4 societies each, and have the opportunity to receive an ALIVE cert for involvementIn volunteered hours, societies’ committee members provide the equivalent of almost 132 full-time workers, providing social, cultural and educational support to the university communityIn the last 10 years, societies have contributed €1.75 million to charityOur societies are officially the best in the country and are the top of the leader board for society wins at the BICS National... read more