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by c.flynn25
Topic: Exam Stress
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Study week is fast approaching and you may be asking yourself where semester one has gone, don’t worry we all are. These last two weeks of term can be draining and hard but it can be done. The most important bit of advice a lecturer gave me in first was to be organised with your notes and take one day at a time especially when it comes to the exams. So here are a few tips on getting assignments finished and really getting down to study.A good night sleep is essential – that doesn’t mean staying in bed all day!Try and eat healthy – I struggle with this at times when it comes to being busy but eating right gives you so much energy which you can use to apply yourself to your studies. Another point on this is don’t forget or put off eating to do work, you will work far more efficiently if you’re fed.The library is going to be busy. Very busy. – Some of you are bound to be regular library goers at this stage and if so you have probably noticed a... read more