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by R.Elliott
Topic: Exam Stress
Tags: Study, exams, tips
Views: 157
Hey Guys,So finals are coming up soon, sounds scary and stressful right? Well the mentors have come up with some advice and a few tips on how to prepare for the exams, it really isn’t as bad as you think!Start studying as early as possible. Tempting as it is to leave it until study week, you don't want to be left cramping a semester's worth of information into a few days.10 minutes off! Every 50 minutes of studying, get a 10 minute break and spend it doing something even if it’s just a walk or looking out the window. You’ll feel much better and ready to go back at the books.Studying for me is reading through all of the lecture slides with your notes alongside, reading through your core readings, and taking note of all the similarities and key points that your lecturer has emphasized.Getting a good night’s sleep the night before your exam and a good breakfast on the day of the exam is essential, and always remember to relax, the system is set up to... read more
by liz_gayer
Topic: Exam Stress
Tags: #exams
Views: 146
Hey Guys,It’s that time of year again where the exams have crept up and the library is packed with students guzzling coffee in a bid to make it to the summer holidays, myself included! :)For you first years this is your second set of college exams so most of you will know the story from Christmas but here are just a few reminders and tips for the exam season ahead.If you haven’t got your exam timetable they are available now at the link below. the past exam papers are available online at this link: are such a great tool for studying something I didn’t know in first year but honestly you get to see the style of questions that get asked by different lecturers and also test the areas you have already studied.Secondly try not to stay up all night during study week and before exams, speaking from experience I can safely say it... read more
by Niamh Leonard
Topic: Exam Stress
Tags: exam, De-stress
Views: 136
As we come to the end of the semester and closer to the exams we can all feel a little stressed. To help avoid unnecessary stress some of the mentors have given tips that help them when it comes to dealing with the pressure of exams.I don't think you can overestimate the power of exercise to relieve some stress and I don't think there's a better time to go to the gym, or a class at the gym, than exam time. It might seem like taking a chunk of time out of your study, but you'll go back to your books feeling so refreshed and able to learn!Change the subjects you are studying regularly, you are less likely to get stuck on a concept if you come back to it regularly with fresh eyes.Go to the Wellness and Relaxation Center in The Hub Cafe beside the Bailey Allen Hall, they know what they are at and will be a great at helping you de-stress.Spending time with friends is a great way to destress, particularly if you can have a laugh together. Laughing dampens down... read more
by tim Contact
Topic: Exam Stress
Tags: exams
Views: 123
Below is some advice from different students with ideas on how to prepare for examsAs well as studying over lecture notes and slides, external reading can help. Sometimes reading other sources of a subject can help give clarity. It offers more detail and information on a topic or subject, giving wider knowledge of the subject. This will also help to broaden your understanding for the topic. Selecting information from readings, such as keywords, phrases can help gain more points in a type question. Keeping a list of general texts of a subject, can be useful for future references and readings in exams and assessments. I find that it I can study better if I changed locations every once in a while. So plan your timetable with different locations. Go to the reading room or library instead of studying in your room.If you haven't completed all your assignments, complete them while you have the time.Do study groups and ask people in your class to attend. It's much easier to study... read more
by bennolan1 Contact
Views: 122
Mental Health is something that affects everyone of us. Just like we look after our bodies, so too must we be kind to our minds. Stress is a big part of any college student's life and if not managed properly with the right support, it's easy to let it get out of hand. College can be overwhelming sometimes, with assignment deadlines and exams and the like. Throughout your college career and indeed the rest of your life, you will experience ups and downs, highs and lows, good times and bad. While we all enjoy the good times, it is important that we acknowledge the bad times and the feelings that come with them. Knowing how to process these feelings and get through whatever has us down is what good mental health is all about. It is not about being happy 24/7 -  because nobody is, it is about taking life one step at a time and tackling each hurdle as it comes. As much as it is about the academic side, college is a time for having fun, growing and discovering yourself. As... read more
by Glenn Timoney Contact
Topic: Other
Views: 112
Volunteering can be a very mysterious area for first years. It has neither the leisure and social allure possessed by the societies which naturally draw curiosity and interest or the more recreational aspects of the clubs sector. Volunteering can be difficult to approach due to what it simply boils down to, which is simply put “helping out” within a wide variety of different areas. Whether it be the desire to help in an area or achieve or experience a sense of fulfilment, those who partake in volunteering rarely regard it as anything less than a valuable experience, but putting time aside to partake in it and/or approaching it can be difficult. The definition of volunteering is ' the commitment of time and energy for the benefit of society and the community, the environment or individuals outside one's immediate family. It is undertaken freely and by choice, without concern for financial gain'. Which is all well and good but raises the question, why should you... read more
by Kimberley Harris Contact
Topic: Other
Views: 111
Making friends in a new environement such as college is an obstacle each and everyone of us has to face at some stage. Whether you come to college with your friends, or peers from your secondary school you aren't always guaranteed that you will be with eachother in classes and labs! That is when you realise you need to actually 'speak to someone who is not that person youv'e been with since primary school' (Sighs). The transition between secondary school and third level can be quite daunting. Suddenly, seeing your friends every day at lunch, and knowing exactly where you fit in, seem like distant memories. If you feel like the past few weeks have been a muddled mix of “oh God, who do I sit beside today?” and “is it weird if I sit by myself in the Bialann?”- don’t fret, because you’re not alone! Everyone else in your class is in the same position as you! This blog contains a number of points that you can read through and take note of... read more
by Christopher Mc Brearty Contact
Topic: Academic life
Views: 110
Time Management“You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé”Are you late for assignments, generally stressing or missing activities and around the campus?Does it sometimes feel like there's not enough hours in the day? Well, everyone has the same 24 hours in a day but how come some people make more progress in a day than you can in a week? It all comes down to time management, the art of organising and planning how to divide your time between specific activities.University isn’t just about getting good grades in your exams, it’s also about skill development. During your time in university, you will develop many (new) skills, one of which could be time management. Essential in the workplace.Here are some tips you can practice to become a master of this fine art. It may seem senseless to spend precious time working on time management but trust me, the benefits are enormous, including eliminating all those aforementioned problems. Set goals... read more
by laoiselane
Topic: College life
Tags: exams
Views: 104
Hey everybody :) Hope you all have checked your exam timetables and know where the venues are by now. Just a few extra pieces of information for you leading up to exams. As you may see or have heard, the library and reading room get extremely busy during exam time so here are a few extra places where you can study :Sunday29th-Sunday 6th December (8am-10pm) Arts Concourse: O'Flaherty, Anderson Theatre, D'Arcy Thompson Theare, Kirwin Theatre, Larmor Theatre, AC201, AC202 and AC204Engineering Building : ENG-GO17 Lecture Theatre 02, ENG-GO18 Lecture Theatre 01 EXAM BUSES: €2 per journeyThere are buses available from University Road (leaving 8.40am, 15.40pm) to and from Leisureland & Galway Bay Hotel. I know this is your first set of college exams, but don't stress, at the end of the day it's just an exam !Christmas is coming so just power through the study, keep the head down and you can enjoy your month off college :DBest of luck and... read more
by Eileen Shannon Contact
Topic: College life
Views: 102
As we pass the halfway mark in the semester, along comes the impending doom of approaching exams and assignment deadlines. However, as they draw closer, there is also the promise of summer holidays. Last summer, many of you sat your Leaving Certs or equivalent exams, not fully tasting freedom till the end of June. This year, many of you will finish in the month of May …. So what can you possibly do with 3 or 4 full months of freedom? There are a lot of things to do over the summer but first things first, you should make sure to enjoy this free time, you have had a very intense year and you deserve to have some fun. However, it is a good idea to plan ahead so you can make the best of the long summer, so the mentors have gotten on board and shared some of their previous summer experiences …. 1. Summer job Getting a summer job is a pretty productive way to spend your summer. Be it working in your local shop or something more career oriented, any experience is good experience. If... read more