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by liz_gayer
Topic: College life
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Hi Everybody,

Welcome to college life at NUIG, your new home away from home! We hope you are all settling in to life in Galway.

As you may have notcied, most of you and we say most not all (we're in the process of sorting the rest), have been assigned a mentor for the academic year ahead. Your mentor is a facilitator for you throughout the year, if you need help finding services, someone to chat to or just have general queries about college they'd only be too happy to help! 

During the year this blog, your mentor and the Help desk (which will be up and running next week) will be your forms of communicating or resolving any issues you may come accross during your first year in NUIG. 

Feel free to comment annoymously during the year on any of these blogs that are going to be posted on a weekly basis. The blogs will address different topics and elements of college life depending on the time of year thanks to your very college-wise mentors! 

Your mentors should have organised a meeting with you for either this week or next just to see how you're getting on this week. If you haven't heard anything, feel free to contact them and organise to meet up via text or email.

Tip of the week this week : Freshers Fair is on next Wednesday (the 16th) from 11-4pm in Aras na Mac Leinn, pop along and pick up some free food and goodies :)

All the best,

Liz and Laoise (Student Connect Mentor Co-ordinators)