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by Niamh Leonard
Topic: Exam Stress
Tags: exam, De-stress
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As we come to the end of the semester and closer to the exams we can all feel a little stressed. To help avoid unnecessary stress some of the mentors have given tips that help them when it comes to dealing with the pressure of exams.

I don't think you can overestimate the power of exercise to relieve some stress and I don't think there's a better time to go to the gym, or a class at the gym, than exam time. It might seem like taking a chunk of time out of your study, but you'll go back to your books feeling so refreshed and able to learn!

Change the subjects you are studying regularly, you are less likely to get stuck on a concept if you come back to it regularly with fresh eyes.

Go to the Wellness and Relaxation Center in The Hub Cafe beside the Bailey Allen Hall, they know what they are at and will be a great at helping you de-stress.

Spending time with friends is a great way to destress, particularly if you can have a laugh together. Laughing dampens down the stress response and increases oxygen flow in the blood, which will again help your alertness once you return to study. If your group of friends are all in the same stressed out boat, maybe watch a funny movie together to take your mind off your stressors so you can relax.

Phone a friend or family member who is not connected to the course you are studying. Talking out your stress can help decrease it. Maybe your friend or someone else you know will have some good advice specific to you, or comforting words, or even just something distracting to chat about. This will give your poor brain a break too.

Drink Water: This will help you to stay hydrated, which will keep you alert. Also, avoid too many energy drinks or caffeine in the evening as it will make you jittery and interferes with your sleep.

Sleep: Get 8 hours of sleep at least on most nights, and this will you to concentrate better and recall information.

Come up with a plan on what you are going to study, when, for how long and what breaks you will take. Stick to the plan and augment it when the exam timetable comes out to better suit you. If you have a plan and stick to it you will feel more confident about the exams and that confidence will really help.

Study with friends. it can really help if you are stuck on a certain topic to be able to have someone else there to talk about it and maybe work together to solve it.

During exam periods the Chaplaincy usually offer a pre-exam mass each morning. After mass they give out free breakfast "Breakfast in a bag". It's a great innovation for those who are interested. Not only are you saying a few prayers before you sit your exam cause I know the majority of us usually could do with all the help we can get but you are also feeding your brain for that all important exam you are about to sit.

Also don't forget the student services that are available throughout the year. Exams can be very stressful so its always important to do your best to beat it. The student counselling service is there to help you when you are feeling down. They can help with study problems, stress, anxiety and other personal problems. Don't forget to use them.

Also a free exam prep workshop is being held in the college next week.

Monday 23/11/15 @ 2-3.30pm Venue: Old Moore Institute Room 203, Arts & Science Building (near Bank of Ireland)

Wednesday 25/11/15 @ 4-5:30. Venue: SC200A Seminar Room, 1st year Biology Lab, Science/Arts building, opposite end to Bank of Ireland next to automatic exit doors

To Book email with your name, student ID number or just show up on the day!


Hope this helps and best of luck with your study and exams.